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What do we mean with 'Italy SEZ'?

We are creating an integrated and coordinated system of eight ports, dry ports, and connected areas that are expanding in Italy's Southern regions and main islands and benefit of simplified bureaucracy, tax advantages, and fast connections. Their development will be made possible by the regulatory reform and investments provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

This concept of large logistic and production area to which we refer as "Italy SEZ" provides unprecedented and extraordinary growth and investment opportunities for Southern Italy and the whole Country.

In line with the objectives of the twin ecological and digital transition, enhancing port and railway infrastructures will enable creating a large modern platform both for trade and production at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, connected to the rest of Europe through the TEN-T high-speed corridors.

Each SEZ will maintain its own vocation in terms of production and logistics, so as to avert internal competition and create synergy, expanding the reference markets, multiplying opportunities for investors, and promoting common development.

Italy will thus regain the barycentre of both East/West trade (intercepting the routes that start from the Middle and Far East, cross the Suez Canal, and today often limit themselves to going across the Mediterranean to then be directed towards Atlantic and North European ports) and North/South trade (strengthening relations with Africa’s emerging countries).

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