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SEZ infrastructure investments

Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan earmarks € 630 million for infrastructure investments aimed at adequate development of SEZs connections with the national transport network, primarily the Trans-European Networks (TEN-T), to ensure effective implementation of SEZs.

Furthermore, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan earmarks a further € 1.2 billion for interventions in the main ports of Southern Italy.

The strategic development plans of the SEZs involved include multiple infrastructure projects. As follows, the list of majors needs on which ad-hoc action will be undertaken.

  • "Last-mile" connections: creating effective links between port-related and industrial areas and the rail and road infrastructure networks that are parts of the main transport networks, to enable production districts to reduce logistics timing and costs.
  • Digitisation and enhancement of logistics, green urbanisation, and energy and environmental efficiency works in dry-ports and industrial areas belonging to SEZs.
  • Enhancing resilience and security of infrastructures for access to ports.

(Each listed item may summarise several interventions, also of different nature)


  • Port of Ortona: Dredging the seabed and consolidating the quay (€ 13 million)
  • Port of Ortona: Last-mile railway section (€ 4.8 million)
  • Port of Ortona: Last-mile road section (€ 2 million)
  • Saletti industrial area: Fossacesia-Castel di Sangro railway infrastructure and Saletti logistic platform (€ 24.45 million)
  • Port of Vasto: Upgrading and extension (€ 7.65 million)
  • Port of Vasto: Road accessibility enhancement (€ 1 million)
  • Manoppello industrial area: Strengthening the logistics network and freight village (€ 10 million).


  • Valle Ufita industrial area: Freight terminal with sorting area (€ 26 million)
  • Port of Salerno: New underground station (€ 12 million)
  • Port of Salerno: Road network enhancement (€ 20 million)
  • Marcianise-Maddaloni: Freight mobility infrastructure, yards and access roads (€ 30 million)
  • Fisciano-San Severino: Road redevelopment (€ 5 million)
  • Battipaglia: Logistics area upgrading; Road redevelopment (€ 13 million)
  • Nola: Reindustrialisation and environmental recovery (€ 30 million).

"ADRIATICA" SEZ (Interregional, Apulia-Molise)

  • Port of Manfredonia: Recovery and refunctionalisation of the “Alti Fondali” Basin (€ 41 million)
  • Termoli: Upgrading of internal roads and consortium treatment system (€ 8.75 million)
  • Termoli: Creation of a customs-free zone (€ 15.6 million)
  • Brindisi: Factories and service centres, and circular economy centre (€ 4.46 million)
  • Brindisi: Consortium roads, water disposal networks, public lighting (€ 4.199 million)
  • Lecce: Digital platform for business services and energy efficiency management (€ 2.683 million)
  • Lecce: Product innovation research centres on engineering (Lecce) and fashion-design system (Nardò-Galatone) (€ 2.6 million)
  • Lecce: Road, water and sewerage networks in Lecce, Nardò and Galatone (€ 3.8 million).

"IONICA" SEZ (Interregional, Apulia-Basilicata)

  • Port of Taranto: Primary infrastructures, and road and rail accessibility to the "Eco Industrial Park" (€ 50 million)
  • Taranto industrial area: Plant engineering and transport service centre in the dry-port area (€ 8.1 million)
  • Potenza industrial area: Infrastructures and services in the Tito lot (€ 20 million)
  • Matera industrial area: Infrastructures and services of the whole Jesce and La Martella area (€ 30 million).


  • Port of Gioia Tauro: Adjustment of the railway networks of Sibari, S. Pietro a Maida, Nocera Terinese, and Rosarno (€ 57.7 million)
  • Port of Gioia Tauro: Southward road connection to TEN-T (€ 11 million)
  • Port of Gioia Tauro: A2 motorway junction (€ 6 million)
  • Port of Gioia Tauro: Completion of the western quay on the north side (€ 16.5 million)
  • Port of Gioia Tauro: Industrial area urbanisation (€ 10 million)
  • Port of Reggio Calabria: Adjustment and renovation of the Margottini quay (€ 6.5 million)
  • Port of Villa San Giovanni: Adjustment and structural rehabilitation of the quay (€ 4 million).


  • Port of Augusta: Access works to the port and third link between Sicily’s port areas and the mainland (€ 26.208 million)
  • Port of Riposto: Connection with the main road system (€ 11.5 million)
  • Port of S. Agata di Militello: Connection with the main road network (€ 11.2 million)
  • Gela-Licata: Connection between ports and motorway (€ 10.5 million)
  • Catania freight village: Enhancement of access road network (€ 2 million).


  • Termini Imerese: New logistics quay (€ 36 million)
  • Termini Imerese: Logistics area recovery and enhancement (€ 3 million)
  • Port of Trapani and related industrial area: Connections enhancement (€ 17.8 million).


  • Port of Cagliari: Connecting the Ro-Ro terminal with the “SS 195” motorway junction (€ 10 million).
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