Tools for enhancing ‘Made in Southern Italy’ in the world

13 December 2021

"Several indicators show that most internationalised Southern Italian enterprises record higher profitability and liquidity indices, demonstrating that opening up to foreign investors is certainly beneficial," Minister Mara Carfagna stated it at the 10th Steering Committee for International Italy, organised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Minister Carfagna also highlighted "Southern Italy enterprises’ generally poor presence in foreign markets and their limited ability to make the most of the potential arising from ‘Made in Italy’ credibility in the world."

The goal set by the Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion is to "enable small and medium-sized enterprises in Southern Italy to compete on equal terms with those located in Centre-North regions and to benefit from the enormous potential offered by global markets. To this end, structural problems must be tackled and resolved, such as difficult connections, lack of credit facilities and insufficient number of professionals that are familiar with the legal, bureaucratic and fiscal systems of the countries where they operate."

Carfagna also revealed that, to date, 31% (about EUR 800 million) of Fund 394/81 aimed at SMEs e-commerce in foreign countries has gone to Southern Italian enterprises, against approximately 10% in previous years. New resources will come from 2021-2027 European Structural Funds, and remarkable opportunities will stem from the relaunch of Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

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