Minister Carfagna met Commissioners Gentiloni and Schmit: focus on decontribution in Southern Italy

18 November 2021

On the occasion of her visit to Brussels today, after attending the General Affairs Council (GAC) on Cohesion, Minister Mara Carfagna held two bilateral meetings with European Commissioners Paolo Gentiloni (Economy) and Nicolas Schmit (Jobs and Social Rights). With both of them, the Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion had the opportunity to discuss, in particular, the possible extension of the 30% decontribution measure for businesses operating in Southern Italy’s regions.

The European Commission's decision to extend, till 30 June 2022, the State Aid Temporary Framework scheme – which allows Member States to intervene by way of derogation from the ordinary rules on State aid – enables extending the 'decontribution measure for Southern Italy' to the same date. The aim is to succeed in prolonging it beyond then, freeing it from the Temporary Framework.

Furthermore, Minister Carfagna informed Commissioner Gentiloni of the measures put in place by the Italian Government to ensure the necessary public investment in Southern regions (starting with the 40% allocation reserved for Southern Italy under the National Resilience and Recovery Plan) and to attract private investment.

With Commissioner Schmit, the discussion focused on the final phase of negotiations on the Partnership Agreement, which will enable the Commission to disburse the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds earmarked for Italy through the 2021-2027 cycle. Minister Carfagna notably highlighted Italy’s initiatives in favour of young people and social inclusion, hoping the approval process of the Partnership Agreement will be simple and brief once Italy has notified its final version.

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