In 5 years’ time a better Southern Italy for living and working

14 October 2021

"Reconnecting fragile areas with higher development areas and including both of them within a system that multiplies Southern Italy’s growth. This is the action line we have undertaken within the Recovery Plan. The effects on the territory will be proportional to the commitment ensured by public administrations and politicians as well as to the “image of Southern Italy” we will be able to encourage among investors. If they see Southern Italy as a land of opportunity, they will make their bet; if not, we will all lose." Mara Carfagna, Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion, stated it in her letter published in the “Quotidiano del Sud”.

"The three largest Italian factories in terms of staff headcount are based in Southern Italy”: steel plants in Taranto, a car factory in Melfi, and Sevel in Val di Sangro. The main Italian refineries and the largest on-shore oil deposits are located in Southern Italy (Basilicata region), along with two of Italy's five aeronautical districts (Campania and Apulia regions), and the Navy's largest arsenal (Taranto). Southern Italy is home to pharmaceutical industries, large factories for train manufacturing and maintenance, and wind farms that make Apulia Italy’s number-one region for energy generated from all sources. In short, Southern Italy is a 'patchy' development area that should be viewed without geographical, cultural or economic prejudices. Narrating Southern Italy for what it is, avoiding the temptation of pessimism at any cost or even catastrophism, is the only way to improve it and save it from the socio-economic decline to which it seemed bound till a few months ago."

"Simulations tell us that Northern Regions’ recovery will be faster in the short term; yet if we work well, if the projects under Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan are implemented as planned, in five years’ time Southern Italy will record a GDP and employment increase above the national average: it will really become a better place for living, working and building a future," Minister Carfagna concluded.

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