Carfagna to EU colleagues: how our “PON Metro” has changed Italian cities

26 November 2021

Minister Carfagna took part remotely in the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Urban Matters held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) this morning and focused on the EU Urban Agenda and ecological transition of cities.

The Minister for Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion declared “There is and must be no antithesis between urban policies and policies dedicated to inner, rural and mountain areas, just as there can be no antithesis between the various levels of government – national, regional and local – precisely because cohesion is not aimed at eliminating differences, rather at valuing them, breaking down barriers and spreading welfare and opportunities as evenly as possible among citizens wherever they live.”

Minister Carfagna focused on the results achieved so far by the “PON Metro”, precisely dedicated to Cohesion Policy in metropolitan cities: "Among them, 63,000 square metres of public surfaces made energy-efficient; almost 100,000 vulnerable people involved in social inclusion projects, 60% of whom are women; 73 km of cycle paths and pedestrian routes; 669 housing units for social inclusion services; about 300 ecological buses now in service; 81,000 square metres of land recovered and used for social value services; 812 km of roads equipped with smart monitoring and operation systems. And much more is being achieved, with 668 projects in place."

“These results”, Minister Carfagna added, "convinced us to repropose the Programme for the 2021-2027 cycle, with a larger budget (about EUR 3 billion). In line with the Ljubljana Agreement, the Programme will be aimed not only at the 14 metropolitan cities but also at medium-sized cities in Southern Italy, with a dedicated measure to intervene in specific areas and degraded zones to promote their physical, economic and social regeneration.

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