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News 16 June 2022

Structural Funds negotiations with the EU have been concluded: Partnership Agreement signing by July

Minister Carfagna announced the notification of the 2021-2027 Partnership Agreement. Record resources to Italy: €42.2 billion, of which €31.7 billion to Southern regions

News 14 May 2022

The Forum “Verso Sud”, promoted by Minister Carfagna, took place in Sorrento

The two-day forum in Sorrento was attended by President Mattarella, Prime Minister Draghi, as well as ministers and keynote speakers from all over the enlarged Mediterranean area.

News 21 March 2022

Minister Carfagna presented Southern Italy's SEZs at EXPO Dubai 2020

Her speech at Italy Pavilion: "Southern Italy is a candidate to become a real logistics, energy and production hub for the entire Mediterranean."

News 20 January 2022

Minister Carfagna’s meeting with SEZ Commissioners

Coordinating the activity and promotion of the eight SEZs in Southern Italy.

News 15 December 2021

EUSALP presidency has now passed to Italy. Carfagna, 'It is an integration model’

The leadership of the macro-regional strategy of the Alpine area has now passed from France to the Italian Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

News 13 December 2021

Tools for enhancing ‘Made in Southern Italy’ in the world

Steering Committee for Internationalisation. Minister Carfagna lists problems and opportunities for Southern Italy enterprises.

News 26 November 2021

Carfagna to EU colleagues: how our “PON Metro” has changed Italian cities

Video connection to the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Urban Matters in Ljubljana: 'The NOP will be extended to medium-sized cities in Southern Italy'.

News 25 November 2021

Italy receives another 3.1 billion from React-EU, EUR 900 million more than expected

The EU Commission has allocated the resources for 2022. The total budget for our Country rises from 13.5 to 14.4 billion.

News 18 November 2021

Minister Carfagna at the EU General Affairs Council on Cohesion

'The challenge ahead lies in using resources well. We will not waste the opportunity provided by our National Resilience and Recovery Plan and the new cycle of Cohesion Policy'.

News 18 November 2021

Minister Carfagna met Commissioners Gentiloni and Schmit: focus on decontribution in Southern Italy

Minister's talks with the two Commissioners in Brussels. Spotlight on employment measures, National Resilience and Recovery Plan, and Structural Funds.

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