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Insights 18 May 2021

Our Plan to spend EU Structural Funds better

The resources available for the 2021-2027 programming period amount to around EUR 83 billion, including co-financing.

Insights 26 April 2021

A “Southern Chapter” in Italy’s PNRR. How €82 billion will be invested

The Plan's explicit aim is to "accompany a new season of convergence between Southern and Central-Northern Regions".

Insights 23 April 2021

The Italian proposal for React-EU: EUR 13.5 bln, 64% to Southern Italy

The Plan includes measures for health, employment, social inclusion, schools, research, competitiveness for transition, energy and environment.

Insights 20 April 2021

What funds are earmarked for Southern Italy in the coming years?

Not only PNRR: interventions for Southern Italy are planned to last until 2030. Draghi: "It’s now time to overcome inertia in projects"

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